About us

We, the IG Classic Superbikes, are a registered association of enthusiasts for classic Superbikes.

Regardless of which you prefer, Honda Bol dÓr, Kawasaki Z, Suzuki GS or even the special framed Endurance-Race bikes a´la Egli, Rau, Martin and Bakker. The formerly high-tech bikes now are Youngtimers with a legendary Nimbus. The racy scene all around the air cooled Big-Fours is growing rapidly, many fans and enthusiasts are going wild with racing finned metal on various race circuits already.

Everybody can be part of the IG Classic Superbikes, regardless of being just a spectator, fan, newcomer, advanced rider or professional.
Even who chucked motorcycling years ago may try a re-entry among this bunch of fans of cooling fins.  Or maybe try first steps on a race circuit and smell the atmosphere.
The message is: each and everybody got the will to contribute and help each other. This can be technical assistance or supporting un-experienced members in learning how to ride faster. Both old veterans and younger fire-eaters amongst the Old School Superbikers are acting happily as instructors on a regular base.

There arer three possible ways of riding on the circuit:
CSBK Master Series
Scrap Metal Racing
Classic Endurance