Articles of Association

Articles of Association of the IG Classic Superbikes e.V.

§ 1 Name and Registered Domicile
The Association’s name is IG Classic Superbikes e.V. with the registered domicile in Hagen, Germany. The postal address is

Badstraße 6
58095 Hagen

§ 2 Scope of Association
The Association is aiming to achieve the preservation and the operation of Youngtimer Race Motorcycles of the eighties, the advancement of motorcycle racing by the organisation of racing events and race trainings as well as the participation of members in racing events.

§ 3 Membership, Accession
Natural Persons can be members. Membership will be achieved by a written application of membership. Membership is considered valid if not expressly excluded by the management board within four weeks. By his incorporation the member admits the articles of association.

§ 4 Forfeiture of Membership
Membership ends by death, notice of resignation or debarment. Withdrawal must be effected one month before the end of the year at the latest by a written notice of resignation addressed at the management board. Debarment will be enacted by the vote of ¾ of the present members of the general meeting or by unanimously decision of the management board.

§ 5 Membership Fees
The dues schedule will be determined by the annual general meeting.
Our bank account for the membership fees:
Sparkasse Hagen
Account No: 28 11 88 424
Bank identification No: 450 500 01
IBAN-Nr.:            DE59 4505 0001 0281 1884 24
Holder: Alexander Wieczorek

§ 6 Management Board
The management board consists of the Chairman, the treasurer, the secretary and an assessor. Any judicial and extra judicial representation in the name of the association will be guaranteed by two members of the management board.  The present members of the annual general meeting will elect the members of the management board for one year. The management board however will stay in office past the expiration of the time limit until a new managing board has been elected. The management board works in an honorary capacity.

§ 7 General Membership Meetings
The annual general meeting is held at the end of a year. This meeting determines membership fees, grants discharge of the management board, elects a new management board and decides about endorsements in the regulations of association. An extraordinary general meeting can be called on request by 1/3 of the association members or by the management board in a case of urgency. The invitation to general membership meetings is extended by the management board in a written form with a statutory period of four weeks, announcing the agenda.  The general membership meeting determines the regulations to be applied.

§ 8 Memorandum in Writing
The secretary compiles a writing of the minutes, which contains the resolutions passed the general membership meetings. A member of the managing board and the secretary sign the protocol.

§ 9 Disclaimer
The association excludes liability for any harm, damage or loss of property resulting from the participation in racing events.

§ 10 Resolutory Action
Dissolution of the association can only be enacted by a cause-related extraordinary membership meeting which has to be called with a statutory period of one month. Dissolution of the association can be achieved by a majority of 2/3 of the present members. In case of dissolution the assets of the IG CSBK shall accrue to another association pursuing charitable objects. Terms and conditions of the liquidation and the recirculation of the remaining assets are determined by the membership meeting.

§ 11 Entry Into Force
Preceding Articles of Association have been ecacted by the inaugural meeting in Bochum at the 13th of December 2008 and is coming into effect immediately. The association is affiliated to the register of associations at the district court of Hagen.