Division AMA-Legends

Ama Legends

Permission only for motorbikes modeled on authentic examples which have competed in the American AMA Series from 1977 to 1984. Frames and silhouettes have to be in accordance with the Japanese production run from that aera and correspond to the relative type series.
In case of doubt the burden of proof is up to the attendant.

  • Frame (only steelframes) and engine off the said eara by the same manufacturer allowed
  • minimum 4 cylinder, max. 4 valves per cylinder, capacity facultative
  • forced induction or injection not allowed
  • water cooling only when original
  • Superbike-style, one-piece handle bar, mounted onto the upper yoke. In case the role-model had  two-piece bars, such bars are allowed with the bar endings positioned at least 50 mm above the upper yoke.
  • running gear like front fork, swinging arm, wheels and shock absorbers fakultative
  • brakes fakultative (compound material rotors not allowed)
  • tyre heaters allowed
  • number plates are obligatory  and are white with black characters
    Minimum measurements of the number plates: width 285mm x hight 235mm
    Minimum measurements of each character: Hight 140mm, width 80mm, thickness 25mm
    gap between characters 15mm