Information for Newcomers

In preparation for riding on a circuit

Before riding on a race circuit, please notice the following information.

All items serve yours and your competitors safety and will be talked about at the riders briefings. We list these here just to make sure the “newbies”, especially those whose native language is not German, get aware of it.

1) Mutual consideration and attention is the secret formula for untroubled fun on the race circuit. As soon as you try to push things you are prone to drop. Do not try to keep up with one of the really fast guys passing you by. You will end in the gravel all too often.

2) As soon as you struggle with anything, be it a technical defect, deficiency of physical fitness etc., give notice to the other riders because they are not able to guess what’s going on with you. Make sure there’s nobody behind, leave the racing line, lift your left arm and everybody will know that there’s something wrong.

3) If you have to interrupt your turn and turn into the pit lane – for what reasons ever – proceed just like described under point 2).

4) In case you notice you go short of tarmac or you are too fast for a turn, just play it safe and use the safety-zones. They are made for just that.
If you have to ride into the gravel, erect the bike and try to go through without using the brakes. (Even worse: using the front brakes).

In addition to the basic rules the meanings of the flags, yellow, blue, red/yellow and red are described here:

  • Yellow flag – Emergency in a certain sector of the circuit. Somebody dropped and/or a vehicle is still on or at the track. There might possibly be an ambulance on or at the track.
    Do not overtake. Cautious manner of riding mandatory in the sector the yellow flag(s) are shown. Do not stop and pass the danger area without interruption.
  • Blue flag – One or more faster riders want to overtake you.
    Stay relaxed and carry on riding your style and speed. Do not reduce speed or leave your race line not to compromise massively yourself and the one overtaking you.
    Keep in mind:
    The one overtaking is responsible for the safety of the one being overtaken. He will find his way past the slower one. The slower one must not vary his style of riding which would be very risky!
  • Yellow-red flag – Operating-liquids like oil or coolant on the track. Also: beginning rain = imminent risk of dropping down.
    Reduce speed but do not brake with shock. Be cautious for track attendants cleaning the track. Orient yourself and pass by carefully.
  • Red flag – Break off. Something bad happened and the turn cannot be finished.
    Reduce speed (but not abruptly), finish your round and leave the track by taking the exit to the pit lane.