The season begins

All Dates and races – the summary…



Sheer Race Feeling

Besides the „Scrap-Metal-Racing“ the IG organises the CSBK Master Series. Anybody who feels comfortable with racing has the possibility to get some extra adrenaline with real racing amongst like minded people. You will find relaxed racing events; fairness is the message. The IG Racing School gives you the opportunity to learn tips and tricks by the top riders of the series.
Fun and excitement are guaranteed in this racing series, which is held within the scope of major events every now and then.
The CSBK-MASTERS-SERIES is a race series for 4 – 6 cylinder engined air cooled Superbikes which are held in three divisions. The races take place at four weekends, two races at a date with a distance of 12 to 14 rounds depending on the circuit layout.
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…in a nutshell: moving old superbikes on race circuits around Europe

The lads and lassies of the IG Classic Superbikes (from quite young to pretty old) go for the race circuit adventure just for the sheer fun of it. As these events are circuit trainings rather than races you won’t be stressed out. Experiencing the fascination with riding real Oldschool Superbikes’ is what it’s all about. Gaining experience is the motto. Here’s the place for organising reasonably priced Trainings in a relaxed atmosphere on different circuits with load of bike-talking.
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Classic Endurance

Endurance sports for man and machine

Even endurance race fanciers will meet their needs in the IG CSBK as we take part in endurance races of up to 6 hours. INCREDIBLE, how our members performed with their big bikes; 6 hours of wide open throttle – rider changes – refuel – riders pushing their stranded bikes back into the pits. The unmuted noise of the air cooled superbikes is worth a visit on its own.